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Brazil Trampling Review

Reviewed: 2012-12-07
Quick site rank and complete review of Brazil Trampling | Categories: Fetish, Latin and Indian

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Our Rating: 77/100

Quality of Content: 18/25

Purchase Value: 13/20

Leased/Own Content: 15/15

Update Frequency: 6/10

Content Variety: 9/10

Tour Promises/Reality: 4/5

Originality: 9/10

Navigation: 3/5

Images: yes

Live Shows / Chat: yes

Streaming Video: yes

Downloadable Video: yes

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REASON: The site has been closed and there is a different web on the domain now.

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My Opinion About BrazilTrampling

I'm not exactly sure how many pure foot, boot and leg fetish sites we've listed on Porn Adept, but certainly Brazil Trampling is as close as I've come to experiencing something beyond the range of the majority of sites I've reviewed in these niches.

BrazilTrampling is exclusive, and if the title hasn't quite given it away, the site features dominant Brazilian women whose boots were made for walking all over their men. Sex is totally not the issue on this site. The men do end up getting foot jobs, but only if they're good and can take the full weight of their mistresses as they literally take a walk in their spiked heels on the guys who look like part of the furniture when lying on the ground.

Amateur is the key style here, and at the moment you don't get a lot of extras with a membership. There's a webcams link, but it doesn't look like there are any Latina bitches. There's also an area where you can find more porn, but don't expect anything for free. Basically, you only have access to movies and videos on and frankly it just doesn't seem like enough for the price. Right now there are 10 trampling episodes, which ends up costing - cough - three dollars a movie. Yikes!

Pictures are 1200x900 pixels. For the most part they're crisp, and it's wonderful being able to see a stiletto heel sink into the flesh of dude's chest. However, sometimes parts of the images are slightly out of focus, revealing an inexperienced camera person. Of course, amateur photography in this case does give a homestyle-quality to the images, and that goes a long way to giving me the impression that these people enjoy what they're doing and that they aren't just models getting paid to do whatever it takes to get paid. To view pictures, you need to browse at least eight pages of thumbnails, but you can also just jump to any page you want to see. There are 18 pics to every page and a total of around 144 in a set. Zip files would be great to download full sets, but right now you're left to pick your favourite shots and download them one by one.

Movies come in three parts with no availability of a full-length download. There aren't many format choices, either. You can stream or download the 819Kbps 720x480 WMVs and you end up with a 60-minute video. Sound is in stereo, but there was a constant microphone fuzzy hum in the film I watched. However, every time the Latina moved across the floor, you could hear her heavy heels clicking along, which made the whole impending trampling scene all the more suspenseful. Image clarity wasn't the best and the camera wasn't on a tripod, which made for some unsteady shots. The fetish is played out fabulously from beginning to end, though. There's a good amount of dialogue as the Latinas commands and demands certain things, so it's too bad there weren't English subtitles. For the most part, boot fetishism (licking, kissing, sucking, feeling and smelling) starts the videos off and continue to play a role as the femdom steps on her sub and digs in her heels. In the film I watched, the Latina also dug in her ass by smothering her sub and forcing him to lick her clean, so to speak. But, when all is said and done, this vixen and others like her on Brazil Trampling, reward their men with a foot job.

Final Verdict

Brazil Trampling has the potential to be a great amateur fetish site, but currently it barely has an excuse for charging the admission price that they do for only a mere 10 movies. Of course, the films are all an hour long, which is better than most sites could claim, but then again, there are no content dates, so when and how often there are updates is more than a mystery. Film quality needs to come up a notch or two and English subtitles would better help many of us understand what is being said in the episodes, which are filled with dialogue.

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